About me

I am a designer and illustrator based in Hastings, East Sussex. I started by designing flyers in the late 80s and eventually got into web site design in 1997.

Sites in those days were hand coded using tables at first, then eventually with CSS, and were maintained by hand. I formed a company with Mark Gaved, c or d ltd (communicate or disconnect) in 1999, and we started developing dynamic sites with Simon Stapleton at first, and then with Alex Fiennes.

Initially I provided front-end coding and design work, but as our CMS matured into a template based system I just provided design, project management and client training. For a time I also provided front-end coding for other designers and Apt.

I have worked with CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal, and Fiennes.org’s InForm.

I have designed logos, identities and stationery, typefaces, created a variety of printed materials, produced animations and illustrations, and have written and taught courses in the fields in which I work, mainly at UAL colleges.